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Fun 14 Jul 2018

It is for sure I am not the funniest one in our house. That honour goes to Jenson. I may have a sense of humour. When I was younger I might make a joke at the cost of others. I no more like that. So I had and have to learn to adapt my style of humour. Over the years I became somewhat more the center of my (own) criticism.


Being too serious may yield a sour character. Not everything sour is bad. But sour characters are to be pitied. Who likes to be sour? A medicine for our sourness is fun.

Some taste of fun

Fun has a social character. You will not have a lot of fun alone.
Fun has something of the enthusiasm of young people. The older ones have already become too sour, serious.
The Irish young people had/have a good taste of fun. Twenty-five years ago I lived for 6 months in Ireland in a community. When you asked a group of young people: Please do a small drama in 10 minutes, they all did it. When they had a celebration with a 'fun' time you really would be shocked. People would do a cola drinking race with the drinking through the used sock of someone else. They knew how to have fun. And I have never seen someone regretting their foolishness. (I realize that could happen.)
In the Philippines I have also seen the spontaneous contribution of people in family games. Karaoke also may be in that category.

Do we need fun? What about us 'the Dutch'?

Perhaps we have forgotten how to have fun. With the globalization of cultures the old familiar fun may have been considered as too childish. Something nice about true fun is that everyone can contribute. And in that sense it is an important instrument to bring forth unity and a sense of belonging.

One of my ears is deaf. I am not good in hearing accurately in noisy places. By times I find myself responding pretty sour. I have to remind myself that making fun requires that we are quick and willing to make mistakes. To run and to fail! And then smile and laugh loud.

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