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Flood 22-Jul-2018


Camiling is the home town of my wife's family in the Philippines. The town has flood. The worst flood that people can remember. The whole town area is flooded. Many people living in the baryo's (remote villages) find their houses flooded up to 1 meter high.

And three more typhoons are on their way to the Philippines.


Millet's brother Romeo is living in a place that never before has experienced a serious flood. This time their house are flooded. They had to evacuate. We do not know what happened with the cow s and pigs.

Our family house in Kipping Village has been save from the flood(s) until now. They however have Electricity 'brown-out'. Food prices are exploding. Until now there is water for drinking.

Please pray for the people in flooded areas.


With all those hardships and calamities people speak about 'global warming'. A flood reminds to the flood described in Genesis Chapter 7+8 in the bible. In ch 8 after the flood subsided Noah made an offering and then God said to himself:
Never again will I curse the earth because of human beings,
because their heart contrives evil from their infancy.
Never again will I strike down every living thing as I have done.
As long as the earth endures:
seed-time and harvest,
cold and heat,
summer and winter,
day and night
will never cease.


God said: I will never do it again. Destroying almost every living thing on earth. Today however mankind can do it themselves. We no more need a God to destroy the earth. It is not just 'others'. When I see the amount of plastic waste my family produces weekly, I feel ashamed but do nothing.

God or Man?

The question may arise: "Who is responsible, God or Man?". Could mankind do what God has said: I will never do it again?

How does God deal with sin

First I do not think that Camiling is 'punished' for its 'sins' with a flood. I'd like to explore how I or you relate to God.

God also reasoned (see above):
"their heart contrives evil from their infancy".

I may think: "What evil am I doing?"
A first response: "I do not see myself doing much good. Perhaps I waste my life."

For me my 'sin' could be: "I am not living the dream that God has planted in me."

Perhaps I need a little flood that washes away my 'certainties'.

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