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Factory 25 Jul 2018


Today I visited a virtual TV receiver factory. The factory had some trouble. The components used in the factury failed sometimes. Not too often. Just 1 out of every 100 components failed. That is just a 1%.

No big deal you may think. But the factory's manager didn't agree about that.
He had figured out that his TV sets had 100 components. For a working TV set all the 100 components had to be working. And he had figured out that the change for a working TV made in his factory was only 37% (=0.99 ^ 100).

As a result from every 100 TV's, 63 needed a repair before it could leave the factory. And repairing a TV took as much effort as producing a TV.


The manager of the service department also has some trouble.

With that TV 1 out of every 1000 components failed during the first year of guarantee. And having heard the story of the factory manager he also made his calculation:

The chance for a working TV after 1 yeas was 90% (0.999 ^ 100).
Therefore 10% of the TV receivers needed a repair during the first year.


The cost of repairing a TV was a much as the profit the factory made on 10 TV's.
Therefore the costs of the service department took all the profit the factory made.
The factory owner decided to close the factory with no profit.


    Just consider:
  1. 10 out of 100% people have headaches
  2. 5 out of 100 people have stomach aches
  3. 10 out of 100 people do not feel safe to do their normal work.
  4. 2% is blind
  5. 2% is deaf
  6. 2% is handicapped
  7. 30% is older than 60 years
  8. 20% is unemployed
  9. 20% is under 18 years.


You already know the question: is this a healthy community?

Perhaps not. But many of those figures are not too unrealistic in the Netherlands ...


How is the Netherlands managed?

There are many who yield service to others in the community.

Thanks be to God for the healthy and generous 'minority'.

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