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Dragon 13 Jul 2018


Today I really like to impress you. A good old dragon must be able to perform that job. Would any of you really hope to meet a dragon? Now if angels exist, perhaps dragons do as well! Be prepared.

Friday the 13th

Today I was reminded about dragons by Elisa, the 7 years old daughter of friends. When she was younger and came to visit our house she brought her friend 'Perry' the dragon. I asked Elisa about the name of her 20 cm height gray dragon. She had forgotten. And so had my 62 years old brains. So Perry isn't the real name of the dragon. But sure enough we liked to play that Elisa's dragon would frighten me.

Children not so frightened?

For some reasons children are not too frightened by impressive imaginative monsters. We only learn to be frightened when we are confronted with pain or the fear of others.

How did I learn to be afraid?

Learn to be afraid? It seems so. When as a child we have painful experiences those chase us like a dragon a life long. When we have been trained to be afraid by the fears of our educators, those dragons may rule our lives. Yes those dragons really do exist. Fear knows how to hide itself. We are to ashamed or to 'automated' in habits to be aware of the monsters inside us.

Some dragon names

Among the oldest dragons are:
- Shame
- Fear
- Low self-confidence
- Lack of courage
- Laziness (fear to disappoint.)
When those dragons are not exposed and driven away, they chase us a life long.

Like children

Jesus says that we should become like children. We should give up our 'dragons' and learn to live in freedom. That is easier said than done.

It may help a little when we acknowledge our dragons, give them kind names and begin to care for them. Perhaps we can learn to smile about our ancient dragons.

When we are really smart we train the dragons to work for us! But usually they fly away when they need to work.
Perhaps we ask for assistance to Saint Georges who has a proven experience to kill dragons.

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