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Butterfly 11 Jul 2018

One of my favorite animals is the butterfly. They posses beauty and elegance. They behave joyful and relaxed. Actually I would like to be a beautiful butterfly and enjoy an uncomplicated life visiting many beautiful flowers and giving joy to many.

Life may however feel like an ongoing struggle ...

Life phases

    Our beautiful friends have an amazing life cycle of 4+ phases as I found on butterfly site:
  • First it develops in an egg.
  • Second if becomes a Larva (Caterpillar) and has to work hard with eating green leaves. No joy in life: just eating a lot.
  • Third it becomes a Pupa (Chrysalis). This is a really amazing phase. Inside a huge transformation is ongoing.
  • Forth ... they fly out as a butterfly after having mastered flying in just a couple of hours. And the butterfly is then very busy with mating and reproducing.
  • Fifth: the death.

Some species of butterfly may travel 2500 miles.

Butterfly as image of human life

Before we can become an admirable butterfly we have birth, the baby's growth towards a teenager, the transformation to adolescence, reproduction and death.
That is a human life cycle. This is a physical life cycle ending in death.

A more spiritual life cycle may sound somewhat different: birth, child-growth, transformation into the likeness of Jesus, dead and resurrection-transformation into a beautiful spirit in the Paradise.

Is the life-cycle of a butterfly not a beautiful image of the human destination? I may look like an ugly caterpillar busy with selfish feeding. I am however destined to be transfigured into a beautiful eternal creation. It requires however my co-operation. If I do not eat the proper food I may die as a caterpillar.

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