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Angels 4-Jul-2018

Angels can not be seen! True? Let us examine.

How it started I can not really remember. At a certain time we began to rent a room. First a smaller room to a nice young women from India and later a bigger room to two men from India

Since they were always kind to us at a certain time I began to say: they are our angels. And I began to see them as messenger from God.

Angels in our house

Now that sounds great to have two angels in you home (some parents call their children angels). Being honest, i did not always find it easy. They had different culture and habits as I have. They did a few things 'I never would do'. And I really struggled.

Little by little I grew and grow in acceptance for God's angels. And it really helps me when I consider: they have been sent by God on my path.


Following the line of thinking: how would I respond if Jesus decided to be my guest? Would I be annoyed with every little thing He does in my house? I guess so.

But I do not like to treat Him in an unfriendly way. Therefore I realize, that if I could see Jesus in my fellow men, I would like to accept them in love.

Please pray for me that I can recognize Jesus in you.

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