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Haughty Women 6 Jan 2024

Isa 32:9 Stand up, you haughty women, listen to my words;
you over-confident daughters, pay attention to what I say.
10 Within one year and a few days you will tremble, you over-confident women;
grape-harvesting will be finished, gathering will never happen again.
11 Shudder, you haughty women, tremble, you over-confident women;
strip, undress, put sackcloth round your waists.
12 Beat your breasts for the pleasant fields, for the fruitful vine,
13 for my people's soil where the bramble-bush will be growing
and for all the happy houses, for the rejoicing city.
14 For the citadel will be abandoned and the thronged city deserted,
Ophel and the Keep will be denuded for ever,
the playground of wild donkeys and the pasture of flocks,

Excerpt from THE NEW JERUSALEM BIBLE, copyright (c) 1985 by Darton, Longman & Todd, Ltd. and Doubleday, a division of Penguin Random House, Inc. Reprinted by Permission.

Why the women? Most probably because the men were already unwilling to listen to God. Women may be more concerned how to live than the men.


Jesus, thank you for the wisdom of women.

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