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Confession. Voices. 19 Jan 2024

Sometimes I hear voices like: 'William, you can eat that.' Just as the snake spoke to Eve in the paradise. There is a difference. My food or snacks are not forbidden by God. Who is speaking?

A good spirit, a bad spirit, my mother or father, my friendly self, my bully self? Now, if the 'eating that' is not a bad thing, there is not much to worry about. It might be a helpful encouragement.

Troubling Voices

When the result of the 'recommendation' however is a sin (e.g. stealing) or does damage to myself or someone else, I should reject the thought. It is a temptation. A temptation is not a sin, but invites to sin.

How can I respond?
a) Plainly ignore the voice. Usually they are repetitive.
b) I could say aloud or quiet: 'Get away you bully, troublemaker.' Do not argue with them!
c) I can confess my urge to a parent, teacher or spiritual director. That is bringing the issue into the light. So that my fear for it may go.
d) I can ask for help. E.g. from Jesus, the Holy Spirit, a saint, a priest or an intercessor.

In serious cases: seek help from a qualified person.


Jesus, please help me to deal with temptations and inner bullies.

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