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Confession, Hit and Run. 16 Jan 2024

Sacramental confession is valuable. When the sacrament is treated like a 'hit-and-run' tool - 'I confess and I will be forgiven and the normal life goes on' -, something and perhaps a lot appears to be lacking.

What about myself? Am I satisfied? I went perhaps with fear and trembling. I may leave with fear and trembling. Did I receive a noticeable grace? Did I leave with the firm intention no more to do the sins I had confessed? Yes, I'd love to see the miracle that I will no more sin. The biggest problem may be that I did not meet the love of Jesus. And I may not have received the joy of having been forgiven. And I may develop a fear for he priest who ministers.

I want to meet Jesus

It shall be clear that I have a few problems with confession. I like to learn to benefit more from confession.

When I come to Jesus with a silly story, how would He respond? I can say, 'I want a new life.', and then a quiet 'but do not require me to change anything.'
Jesus may respond, 'How is your present life? Do you like it?'
'Actually, good master, there are a few small things. Would you have a minute?'
'Sure, go ahead.', He speaks reassuringly.
'Being honest, I do not feel loved and respected in my community. I find it hard to trust others and even You.'
The Good Shepard replies, 'That must be very stressful and you may feel lonely. Is there anything you want my help with?'
I find myself answering, 'No better not, I can manage myself.'

What Help Do I need?

I need a home where I feel safe and cared for. I have a need for a place where I trust others and where I can make mistakes without being rejected. Ahh, confession is such a place? Unfortunately, not. Confession is the place where I can talk about my sin. It is however not the workplace of my life. I need a community where I can live, am lovingly accepted, can make mistakes, and are helped to overcome my unhealthy behavior.
It shall be clear that my sins and faults, hurt myself and my community.


Jesus, I pray for healthy communities where confession can flourish.

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