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Confession, Evaluation. 15 Jan 2024

With psychology therapy evaluation of the therapeutic session may be used. Below is an example, now filled out to evaluate priest with confession or spiritual direction.
It is true that a Catholic confession is not a therapeutic session. Amen. I am proposing however that a confession evaluation form will be developed. The purpose is to help the priest to improve the effectiveness of his ministry.

Example of a Confession evaluation (Thanks to Dr. Burns)

Observations from Client, Penitent

I am often missing empathy, indifference.
It is painful and hard to express a failure. Failures have a long story.
With repair, (I do not say forgiveness), I need help to prevent repetition. Confession does not encompass prevention. In my opinion, 'clients' should be referred to persons and places where they can find help to overcome sins and to grow.
Am I willing to make repairs (where possible?)
Was I fully honest?
Do I trust to give feedback about the confession session tot the priest?


A priest who does confession sessions at an age of 65 the same way as at 30 years of age, has learned nothing in this ministry.


Jesus, teach me and the church about confession.

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