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Confession, About Me. 14 Jan 2024

Who is responsible for my growth or sins? My first response is a, 'just me.' I should be able to manage. Fortunately, that is a lie. A big lie.

1. Although my parents are not responsible for my sins, they are responsible to raise me up in the fear of the Lord. They are supposed to 'parent' me when things go wrong.
2. My brothers and sisters, although normally not responsible for my sins, should meet me when I hurt them or sin against the community. I am not supposed to be alone.
3. The church has pastors. When they know about my struggle, they are supposed to offer help.
4. The church has prophets and teachers. They are supposed to minister to me. They should be vessels of the Holy Spirit.
5. There are intercessors (people, angels, saints) on earth and in heaven who pray for me. And I can ask for their help.

In this context, I can see a reason to confess sins and difficulties to my community.

A Sinful World

Sin is not a new thing in this world. Worldly moral values are changing rapidly. We are so busy to master knowledge of the world, that we find little time for the things of God.

In my life over the last 25 years, TV and the Internet had a profound and increasing influence in my life. It makes things rather complex than simple.

World and Church

It appears to me that the influence of God and Church in this world, is decreasing and weakening. Mankind in this world has a need for a not too complex stable style of life. And I can't find that. I don't know an easy way how to grow towards such a life. It feels as if I am a slave of this world.

And 'Jesus' without a supportive community is not a sufficient answer.


Jesus, I ask for a supportive community, which guides me on the path to meaningful and eternal life.

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