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Matthew 5:43. Building an Opinion 15 Jan 2023

Mat 5:43 You have heard how it was said, You will love your neighbor and hate your enemy.

We learn from out parents, teachers and leaders. My opinions however and unfortunately, are often based on the comments of peers and bystanders. I tend to remember what I like or what suits me. What suits me, can very well be the opinion of my social peer group. I want to belong to this group. My life depends on them. I cannot take the risk to estrange from them. Thus my opinions become 'opinionated'. And this may encompass how I treat enemies.

You have Heard

When my opinion is based on unreliable, bad or outdated information, some of my beliefs are simply not true. Therefor my beliefs need correction in more healthy directions.
And yes, Jesus encourages us to reconsider unfriendly beliefs just coming from 'hearing'.


Now check for yourself:
a) Should I unconditionally love my neighbor? Would there be exceptions?
b) What good does it work out to 'hate my enemy'? Who are my enemies? Or in other words: What do I hate?


God, please helps me to deal with things I hate.

Self Evaluation

I know that quite a few of my beliefs require updates. New beliefs may lead to new behavior.


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