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I.M. Startled 31 Jan 2022

I am taking off. I am startled. Something made me moving. What caused my panic? By times it is the others around me moving, responding. At other times I am the reason for startling my fellow birds. Whatever cause, we all panic. Often we hardly know why.

Signs Of The Time

There are circumstances where the changes come little by little. Climate change is a great example. And because nothing startles us, no-one responds. The Catholic Church (in the Netherlands and Europe) runs empty. Drip by drip. One by one. You hardly notice it. And as expected, no-one gets startled.

Can't I see the signs of the time? Sure, I can. But no-one responds. Why should I get startled?


By times, I need to step back and figure out what things in my life need attention. When I am not startled and take no action, then I am danger. Little by little, and unnoticed, I am dying.


Jesus, wake me up.

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