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I.M. Spoiled 29 Jan 2022

Spoiled coffee, especially over my papers, is not good for my mood. I guess, everyone likes to be spoiled by times. It is nice and pleasant when I am generously served with something I really like.

Being Spoiled

The development of my character might be hindered by being spoiled too much. Nevertheless when I am not spoiled with healthy trust, my character can't grow. I need to trust myself. I need to be trusted by others. And then I need to spoil myself with the work needed for a truly meaningful life. Doing what needs to be done, is the only way to move forward. And I should spoil myself with the confidence that I can do it. And when a few things go wrong on the journey, nothing is spoiled. Those are healthy learning experiences.


Holy Spirit, please spoil me with opportunities to co-build the kingdom of God.

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