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I.M. Spirited 28 Jan 2022

For some reason, spirits remind me to the drinking of alcoholic drinks. It changes the mood of the drinker. I believe a good spirit should not come out of a bottle. When we need an addictive to be in a good spirit, it becomes a burden.

Holy Spirit

I desire God's Holy Spirit to make me drunk. It is Him whom I like to feed me. It takes listening. And listening is not my top skill.
Even worse, when others do not listen to me I get angry. Thus I suspect that this nice Holy Spirit might be angry with me. As I said, I am not always a great listener.

Sadly, I have some fear of this good Spirit. I like to overcome this fear. How does God's Spirit speak to me? Not exclusively, but basically I need to baptized in this Spirit. He comes with a Holy fire. The fire will purify me and set me on fire. Then I am 'spirited'.
And "YES", I can extinguish that fire. The fire needs fuel from my trust and obedience. Since God is loving and wise it is a learning process. But it is absolutely required that I need to fuel the fire. Mostly by desire and prayer. Then by spreading the fire to others.


Holy Spirit, I desire you. Please fill my spirit until I am spirited for your purpose.

Some bottles in a nearby shop

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