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I.M. Speechless 27 Jan 2022

It happens that I am speechless when I am annoyed. I do not like to talk. I realize that it is not helpful, even a bit silly. I am learning to at least write later about what I felt and what I actually was thinking. Usually very unfriendly thoughts.

Speechlessness may touch me as well when I experience beauty e.g. in the form of art. In this case I just get pleasantly quiet. Unfortunately this happens only seldom.

Incidentally I am speechless when I experience the love of God. It is a sense of intimacy and security. I don't deserve it. I just receive it. Those are moments of grace.


By times I like to be quiet. I don't like to speak. I don't like to be active. I just want to be at home, at peace with myself. No need to perform. No need for action.


Father God, thank you for quiet times.

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