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I.M. Sorry 24 Jan 2022

Saying "I am sorry", certainly has its limits. The sender of Spam email messages will not feel sorry. It is not easy for a child to really feel "Sorry". To say it however, is a step. I step into the awareness that someone else suffered because of my actions. How much the other has suffered is usually hard to know.

How Sorry?

I always find it hard to know how accurate my emotions are. When I think about my feelings, I assume the thoughts are seldom totally accurate. Am I sorry enough to make some repair? First of all my own thinking needs some repair. When I have hurt someone else: I did it. There is hardly an excuse because of the circumstances or because of what the other might have done to me. I, I, I did my part.

First, I have offended myself. Why? Because I feel guilty and perhaps ashamed. Everyone around sees - at least I believe so - that I overacted. Thus saying sorry helps to repair my own damage. Does the other party feel better? Frequently the answer is, "Yes." And that would make the action valuable. Is it enough? I assume that it is not easy to undo all damage I did in life.


Father God, teach me reconciliation and even better to deal in positive ways with my emotions.

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