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I.M. Solid 23 Jan 2022

Would you like to be like a stone, rock solid and strong? Where I tried to be strong and inflexible, I did not make friends in this world. One problem with being defensive is that I do not listen and I am not open for many, many other things. I am fixed on one or a few small thoughts. I can't relax. And that to the level of pain. I block myself and others stumble over me.


Should I never be firm? Where I stand for important values, that is good and important. When I change easily, I will lack stability.

It may help, when I hold one specific value, that I do not forget other important values. How urgent is it to maintain a specific truth? What will happen when I relent and show kindness and patience?
The person I debate with, may as well be somewhat solid. How can we become more soft and connected? For some reason it helps me to smile when things are hard.


Father God, I'd like to learn in kindness and flexibility.

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