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I.M. Sold 22 Jan 2022

Who could sell me? No-one actually. Unless I am made a slave first. Someone could however sell his or her soul to the Devil. I can hand myself over to the world. I seek riches or success. And what will be left? Tiredness and disappointments.


What should my life look like? It is true that I am an inhabitant of planet Earth. I found a way.
I have entrusted my life to Jesus Christ, my God. I did not sell my life. I gave it freely. And most probably not so complete as I would desire. Part of me is still attached to my security and addictions.

The heavy weight has however gone. For Jesus Christ has promised to care for those who believe in Him. He gives me a light burden. Day by day I make effort to have time for the things that are or come on my path. Normally there is more than enough time on a day. I never fall short on food. I would hope that many can find freedom and security in their life.

No God

Would I choose the same life I God would not exist? My answer is yes. Because deep in me, there is a voice which gives me peace when I listen to it.


Father God, my life is yours. Guide me.

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