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I.M. Sleepy 17 Jan 2022

Yesterday I watched a documentary about homeless people in the USA. Half a Million people were counted in 2018 as homeless. 50% of them in California. In east coast cities like Boston and New York, 1% of the people are homeless.
In the Philippines almost 5 Million persons are believed to be homeless. That is almost 5% of the countries population.
Worldwide an astonishing amount of 1000 Million people is unregistered without having an address. As a consequence, they will not receive education. Imagine: one out of seven persons is excluded from having a reasonable job.
Those people may be afraid of feeling sleepy. It is not safe.

Here is a list of Homeless People in the countries of the world.


Even the cats and other animals have a home in our families. They can safely feel sleepy.
What would be needed to find housing for those one billion unfortunate humans in my world? Those people amount to sixty time the population of the Netherlands, ten times the Philippines or three times the population of the USA.


Father God, please talk to me. I feel like paralyzed.

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