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I.M. Skilled 16 Jan 2022

It is a lovely day. Sunshine, no wind, not too warm, no Corona. I am in the city center. I walk into the most expensive shop. I buy the most extravagant suit. I look first class. I visit next door's photographer. He takes a great picture of me. I look better than my wildest dreams. I am a skilled businessman.


I walk over the street. Everyone watches me. Time for my first business encounter.
Everyone smiles at me. No-one talks to me. I continue my walk. I gather all my courage and I ask someone, "What are you smiling at?"
"What is your business?", is the question.
That is a great question. I smile. Finally someone recognizes me as a businessman. It is such a tough question for me.

My Business

Some two years ago I asked my friends about my talents. They did not see me as a talented engineer despite a good education and years of work in the profession. I was surprised by their answers. They saw me as a person. They talked about the way how I related. And they named those things skills.

Life Skills

The skills I mostly desire aim to relate to the people close to me, to God and to all the others. Some are love, kindness and joy. Actually the skill to love, the skill to be kind and the skill to spread joy.
And yes, by times I feel like an ape, incompetent and missing the mark. I hope some by-passers can smile about me.


Holy Spirit, I desire your fruits. Against those things is no law. Gal. 5, 22+23.

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