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I.M. Skeptical 15 Jan 2022

Which person is not skeptical about what he or she can not see? Can I really trust you? Can I really trust God?
I have learned to relax and to be patient when I am skeptical. Time will learn usually. I do not have the answers to all big questions. I do however love reasonable questions and even reasonable doubt. When I can prove something, there is no more reason for faith. When I have already something, there is no more reason to desire it. Although sadly when I already 'have', sometimes it is not enough for me.

Little Faith

Where it is about faith, Jesus says: "Ooh, you of little faith!" The faith of the disciples was not enough to drive out the demons. And at another place He said to those who believed in Him: "Do you also like to leave me?"

A small faith is not good enough. Perhaps there is skepticism. Perhaps I am not willing to pay the price. I may not even be willing to attend church on a Sunday. I may not be willing to repent or to give up my present happy life.

Skepticism On World

Being skeptical about God is common. There is another skepticism in me which is way larger: I am skeptical whether this world will exist another hundred years and if my own life will extend 50 more years. Skepticism towards the world is just as valid as skepticism towards God.
And thus it sound pretty reasonable to me to give God a fair chance. This world can only carry me to death. God has an eternal life to offer me.


Jesus, show yourself in our churches and bring new life. I need you.

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