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I.M. Sincere 14 Jan 2022

How sincere am I? I sincerely may hate something. E.g. painting. But I am not so sincere that I never would paint anything. Is the apocalypse coming? I guess so. I am aware that I contribute to the destruction of this earth. And I do almost nothing to change. How sincere am I?


It needs motivation to change. Motivation needs experimentation. That is because I can't answer the how questions. In the mean time I can explore my resistance. Am I really willing to change? Am I willing to pay the price?
As far as I know it is important to see the good things in the present situation. Condemnation may lead to anger, frustration and rebellion. Rebellion attacks and divides. I will not feel good.


When I am sincere, I am willing to start a journey. A journey may start with planning or seeking. What could be my target? Or perhaps what could be my first stop? Long journeys go in phases. I need to eat, sleep and survive.

Am I willing to start a journey when I do not know where I will end?
Deep in my heart, I am. I know I need to. I know I desire to. I sincerely want to be free.


Jesus, I pray for direction and faith. I pray for food and shelter on my journey.

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