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I.M. Silly 13 Jan 2022

I always assume that there is no sin in this world that I would not be capable of committing. Does that sound silly? It is not an excuse. I am not planning sins. And even there, I am wrong. I am silly enough to plan bad actions against almost everyone around me. You would be amazed to know my thoughts when I am irritated. When I am angry, I may become a murderer. Perhaps not literally. Certainly I do forget my good manners, as if I even had some.


"I will never do such a thing."
"I am always kind and friendly."
"I act always responsible."
"I am old and wise enough (yes, to mess up anything)."

It is a bit silly to assume that I am good or perfect. It is stupid to assume that I have the right to be angry.

Finally Silly!

I am however free to be silly when it is about being generous, caring, forgiving, accepting and trusting others.


Holy Spirit, make me a fool in doing what is good.

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