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I.M. Significant 11 Jan 2022

Each of us likes to be significant. I am not an exception. Trump is significant. Perhaps he has messed up a few things. Just as I do myself by times. Our king Willem Alexander is significant. He is prohibited to express himself in public about all political issues. I certainly could learn from him to shut up my mouth by times. The Pope is significant. I wish I had half of his kindness.

I Am Significant

When I want to be really significant, I need a willingness to learn. If I do not learn new things, then my significance will crumble, little by little.
The strange thing is that the more I 'die' to my self, the more significant I become. Why is that? Because I hinder my own greatness with keeping my nasty habits.
The more I seek significance, the less flexible I become.


Holy Spirit, please teach me humility.

Too Significant

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