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I.M. Sick 10 Jan 2022

It is the sick who need a doctor. The doctor takes a diagnosis and may prescribe a medicine. If you can pay at least.
For various reasons many like to avoid doctors. Sometimes till it is too late for healing.

Stuck In Life

There are various options. I could feel depressed or I may lack satisfaction or direction in life. All those can be painful and frustrating. They can be sick-making. Time to call for a doctor. What would the doctor say? "It is just nothing. You are just one of the 90% others on this world. I will prescribe you my very special anti-depressant. Please pay contact-less with your phone." After some days you may or may not feel somewhat better. One thing is sure: your problems are not solved.

Failed Treatment

I will blame my doctor. He must be an idiot. I will blame myself. Life is easy. And I fail. Thus I must be a failure. The doctor may have his problems. My pain will not be relieved when I blame him. What leaves is my own label: "FAILURE."

Let us examine who is a failure. Perhaps anyone with a yearly income below 35000 "Dutch" Euro or 100,000 "Filipino" Pesos. Now in half of the years I am a failure and in the other half I pass the mark. With retiring I will be a failure forever.
But ... many people with a low income are happy. Would they be failures. What makes me a failure? For 30 years I am unsuccessful in building community? How strange. Till now I failed. And for thirty years. Does that make me a failure? I rather would label myself as "BEGINNER". And even with that ... I already make efforts for 30 years. And I learned quite a few things. And I love my desire for community.


Jesus, fill my life with desire and trust. Perhaps that is called faith. May the desire come together with joy. And may the trust be a blessing for a few people around.

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