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I.M. Shredded 8 Jan 2022

Honestly speaking, I do know only about shredding related to destroying paper documents. As usual Internet search gave me some surprise. Shredding is as well related to bodybuilding. Now I am somewhat lazy. Especially when it is about physical exercise. Would I be willing to do all that work to become 'shredded?'

Side Effect

Could it be that anything I do into extreme, does distort in some way? I guess so. At least, my dedicated focus takes so much of my time that there are other things I can't do. I have to sacrifice. And that hurts by times.

Too Much

I may spend too much time watching my computer screen. I may get near sighted.
I may talk too much. Guess that I am not listening well enough.
I spend lots of time with games. My household may be a mess.

Although true it is not that unusual. Would there however be more irritating deformations in my appearance?
I may shy away others with nasty questions or 'smart' comments. I may irritate with 'quick solutions' for the problems of others. I guess by times some friend may want to feed me to a 'paper shredder'. And literally, some of my good ideas may end up in a paper shredder. By times my communications do cause trouble.


Holy Spirit, teach me to slow down and connect properly to my neighbours.

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