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I.M. Shielded 6 Jan 2022

A shield is an interesting attribute. It is multipurpose. It is designed to identify myself and it is designed to defend myself with it. Just observe, the thing which defends myself, as well identifies myself. That makes sense to me. This idea may help me to figure out what I am defending in myself. Perhaps I can discover hidden things by my shielding presentation.


I like to identify myself as an engineer. I know what I know. Perhaps I defend my uncertainty.
I like to dress with a jeans and a not too colorful shirt. Perhaps I do not like to be noticed by others. They may like to talk to me. I may not like to spend money for branded or expensive clothes.
I wear some shield to identify my political color. I may be protesting against the present government.

Less Obvious

Assume that I am shy. I dress unattractively. I walk around with a bored face expression. What would that tell about me?
It may tell, "Don't talk to me," which is external. When I seek courage, I may admit:
- I am hurt. No one cares about me.
- Actually I am missing friends in my life. Frequently I feel lonely.
- I am not worth it to spend money for nice clothes.

Finally, I find it hard to express how I feel and what my needs are. Shielding is easier.


Jesus, I like to offer my shield to you. Please guide me into the truth and heal me where I need it most.

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