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I.M. Sheltered 5 Jan 2022

Refugees do need shelter. From the outside a refugee camp may appear to be a place where you can live for a while. Life in a refugee camp may however not feel sheltered. Inside, there may be quite some violence. Most people may have very uncertain expectations about their future.

My Body

My body and my house also show as a quite a nice place. Would there however be no problems in my house? Would there never be a quarrel in my house? In my body may live a restless spirit. From the outside everything looks like a good shelter. A shelter is to protect, not so?


My house may hinder others to see what I am doing. It provides privacy. My body hinders others to observe what is happening in my mind and heart. In many ways that is helpful. I may however be ashamed for some inner content. At the same time I like to connect to other humans. Therefore it is vital that I learn to trust others. Is my house really so messy that others may not see it. Are others not allowed to know when I incidentally say unfriendly things to my wife? Are others not allowed to know my pain and frustration? If I behave in such a way, I am living in a refugee camp instead of a friendly and hospital place.


Jesus, make me known to my neighbours. Please redeem me from the curse of sheltering.

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