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I.M. Sharp 3 Jan 2022

In my youth razor blades were among the sharpness champions. When I am sharp, I may hurt others or myself. Usually however being sharp means being active and responsive.


I am blessed with a reasonable mind. My 'sharp' mind is great in protecting me against dangers. There is certainly great value in that. And even more this protective mechanism shows a lot of good things about my character.
The shadow side is that my sharp mind is easily overprotecting.


Protecting in the form of avoiding all kind of behavior pulls me down to earth, so that I can't fly. If I want to fly, using new behavior, I need to reduce the level of protection. Much of this protection is automatic and powerful.
Fortunately there are ways that either honor the protective mechanism and still train the mind to become free for new life bringing action. One simple way is just practicing to do things which I unreasonably fear or that I am ashamed about.


Jesus, set me free from my anxieties.

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