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I.M. Shame 2 Jan 2022

Sure, you are right, "I am shame," is not great English language. Shame is however a feeling which affects my life. In the ancient times, a scaffold was an instrument to put someone publicly to shame. When I had stolen or done something worse, the authorities could display my transgression publicly. All the by-passers would talk about me. Everyone could see that I had done a shameful thing.

My Shame

No-one likes to display his shame. And that is a sad thing. I start to hide. I will continue to hide. I will avoid talking to certain persons. I will avoid other persons. I will avoid doing certain things.
I am stuck in certain things. I let shame dominate over my life. I do not like it. I do no want this behaviour.
Thus, it seems that I need to deal with my shame. For it benefits no one.

Addressing Shame

I need to learn to trust people around me more. When I talk with people about the usually silly little things which depress me, most people will understand. They treat me more kindly than I do treat myself.
How do I respond when I hear from others what they are ashamed about? Would I ridicule them or would I empathize.

I would not see any benefit of any person dwelling in shame for years. Indifference however is shameless.


Jesus, teach me how to deal with my shame. I ask for courage and for a greater trust in my family and friends.

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