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I.M. Funny 31 Jan 2021

It is just too seldom that I make others laughing. It is not just me. Jokes give only a temporary joy. And being funny is not seldom at the cost of someone else.


Let us have some fun! What could that mean?
To tease someone else. To drink a lot. To take drugs. To have sex. To go to the cinema.
Isn't it funny that many of those things are not funny at all?


For some reason funny things have a short life. If funny things were 'timeless', I would know many funny stories. Too often fun is brutal and rude.
Of course there are nice funny events.


Joy is more pure. It is born out of good things. I had like to grow in activity which brings joy and peace in the life of others.


Come Holy Spirit, guide me in being a blessing to others. I ask that my joy may be born out of good things. And perhaps I need to abstain from some activity which brings short living fun.

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