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I.M. Fulfilled 29 Jan 2021

A wish or a dream can be fulfilled, realized. And that feels great. With prayer and life things are harder. Not all my prayers are answered. When is my life complete?

Day By Day

Most of my days have smaller and bigger moments and accomplishments for which I am thankful. Realizing this helps me to find satisfaction at the end of my day.

Some days bring more fulfillment than others.

Hearts Desire

My deep and intense dreams and longings need patience and care. They are bigger and more complicated to realize. I need to pray and plan for those issues.
Since I believe that those desires are planted by God, I also believe there is a road to the realization. Just as the fulfillment of a prophesy or a promise.


Jesus, my high priest, please ask your Father to guide me on the road towards fulfillment of all my hearts desires. I believe and trust. And when I am stuck on the journey, please send helpers!

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