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I.M. Frustrated 28 Jan 2021

I struggle with getting things working. It has the element of disappointment. It also may feel as if something is hindering. As if my success is stolen.

No Effort

Feeling frustrated without making any effort to move forward or in a better direction may be self pity or blaming others.
Thus if I feel frustrated, I need to check if there are things I could do to improve my situation. I should take time to list ideas on a paper, so that I no more can deny the options I have.

Long Term Frustration

Needless to say that such a condition is not healthy. Usually I do have choices. And I need to act.

Present Circumstances

I need to be specific about things which hinder me. And I should try to deal with them one by one. Perhaps starting with the issues which I can manage just myself. Seeking help is an option I avoid too often.

Seek New Team

When the culture in my present environment is too far from what I desire, more drastic solutions are needed. I shall seek new friends, coworkers or job with a more productive culture.
Important is that I seek a standard which fits to the skills I have mastered till now or not too far above it.


Father God, hear my frustrations. See how the persons hindering me act. Help me to forgive them. Help me to take ownership with issues which can be solved.
Please give me the courage to move forward when I need serious changes in my life.

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