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I.M. Fruitful 27 Jan 2021

I desire to be fruitful. I desire to make good use of my time. Alas, I am not very productive. I do have talents and gifts. And I make effort to use those.
Jesus says that we need to be connected to a trunk, which is connected in its turn to Him. And it has a deep meaning to me. Alone I hardly will be productive. I like to cooperate with others. And that is the struggle of my life.

The Trunk

I'd love to be part of a trunk where the members are connected. That would form a tribe - a group - of persons who unite in Christ. Without Christ I get nowhere. Without the others I have to separate myself.
Jesus says: 'Where two or three are united in my name ...'
And prayer is not meant to be separated from working.


Where are those groups who like to pray and work together? Where are the people that really seek to bless others, so that the talents of others flourish? Where are the generous people who seek the well being of many others?
I know, this is called idealism. I however do believe that nothing is impossible for those who believe.


Father God, make me fruitful in small things. Teach me to connect to others in productive ways.


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