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I.M. Friendly 24 Jan 2021

Normal people are friendly by times. It is not easy to be friendly all day long. It is hard to be friendly to persons who disappoint me. To be repeatedly kind even when disappointed is generous. Typically even generosity gets disappointed. It is hard to be continuously generous.
I am not even generous.


When a person always needs help he is dependant. Dependant persons may return love. If however nothing is given in return it is hard to remain friendly. The giver may feel abused by the one who receives.
Kindness may need balance. No one likes to be abused. Persons with normal health need to grow in maturity and should become accountable.


A family may have extraordinary patience with needy persons. That is a value. When values are abused, givers get hurt. Things are no more friendly.
It easily happens that (poor) requesters fail to be accountable. They may ask ask various persons for support for a certain need. It becomes abusive when money is used for purposes different form the needs they are given for. It is no more friendly. It hurts.


Some communities require 'community of property'. Families or persons shall give their income to the community and will receive an allowance according to their needs. The excess income of the community may be given to needs out of the community. That is really friendly.


Father God, teach me generosity. And give me the wisdom to prevent abuse.

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