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I.M. Fretful 22 Jan 2021

It is interesting to see that fretful has a range of meanings. For me it feels most like not being able to relax. The distressing thoughts keep coming, even if I do not want them.
Im my life it is usually a kind of burning anger mostly innerly. And often it relates to things I have said or done myself. I got 'involved'.

A Good Sleep

The issue may be solved with a night of rest. Especially when it is on issues with strangers. Usually persons dear to me are involved. Saying sorry may help. My response or action has been excessive, more than practical. I suffer from it. I regret my response and at the same time I do not. Over the years I have learned that excessive emotions are not helpful.

New Behaviour

Changing the way I deal with things may need healing of old wounds (frustrations) and trying repeatedly other behaviour. And yes, with practicing other behaviour I will as well make my share of faults.
I benefit greatly when I agree with others to set new values and standards of relating. In such a culture we can manage and deal with some inconvenience.


Psalm 37:4+5
Make Yahweh your joy
And he will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your destiny to Yahweh,
be confident in him, and he will act.

Ps 37:8 says: do not fret; refrain from anger.


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