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I.M. Fresh 21 Jan 2021

No doubt I like to be attractive. I like to be fresh. A perfume can give me a fresh and pleasant smell. In my case I respond somewhat allergically to perfumes. Perhaps I am not used to them.
Another means to get fresh is to take bath.

Ultimate Freshness

There is a very unique way to reach freshness. I am speaking about the freshness of the soul, my innermost being. It is the immortal identity and personality which is presented as my life in a body. Because I can not touch it, as the soul is hidden, I am not able to clean it myself. I am however aware that it is contaminated. By times I am ashamed for who I am. By times I am afraid to believe that God can accept my life.
The God of love provided a solution where all my stains will be washed away. That cleansing bath is called baptism. It makes me a totally new creation.

Only Once

Baptism is the sign that I believe that God can accept me and that He can restore and recreate total freshness in me. Unconditional? Yes and No. No other person or devil can steal it from me. As far as I know, I myself am the one and only one who can deny my rights to be restored into a clean image of God. That may happen when I repeatedly refuse to repent from my evil ways. I am made for purity, to love and to honour God.


Jesus, you are the sacrifice paid for my total freshness. Restore me into what I am supposed to be. Come Holy Spirit, in power and little by little.


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