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I.M. Free 20 Jan 2021

Imagine I am a balloon. A beautiful balloon with a nice coloured ribbon. The child carrying me lost her grip on the ribbon. And I float, freely, high in the sky. I levitate to great heights. I can see unknown parts of the world. It gets however colder and colder. And I expand more and more. Until a final 'boom'.

Unbound Freedom

Freedom seems so desirable. I am however in danger when no corrective force works on me.
I assume that I am even afraid of freedom. I will carry all the responsibility. And when something goes wrong, I hang. Being honest, I like to work under an authority. Someone who supports me when I run into trouble. Such a person can be a father, mother, pastor, chief, tribal leader or God.


How strange! All healthy authorities want me to exercise my freedom. I am useless if I can not 'fly' my life. If I do not act, my boss needs to do the work himself.
Many bosses are however a bit silly. They do not trust me or do not entrust sufficient means to me to carry out a task just by myself. Not to speak about hidden agendas or annoying strings to hold me back. In this last case I need to learn to detach me from that boss. I like to learn to fly more freely.


Father God, as you sent Abraham to a far country, please send me to new challenges and do not forget to equip me with sufficient gifts of your Holy Spirit. And please tie me to fellow workers and wise authorities.


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