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I.M. Fraudulent 19 Jan 2021

It is not always easy to know whether a certain statement is correct or not. With fraud the presented fact is intentionally faked.
Unfortunately there is a part in our minds which tends to be fraudulent.
I like to believe that in some matters I am better than the reality. I may think that I can sing nicely while the reality is that my singing offends others. It gets worse when I am not able to observe the damage which my words or deeds have caused. And when I add issues where I failed to take responsibility, I may end up feeling lost.


It may be clear that I can not have a complete and honest perception of myself and my communities. My observations may be coloured and too optimistic. I am in need for other opinions on issues where I fool myself. So that I can get to know the facts.
Prayer and reflection help. Usually it has a limited effect on my fact-checking. One of the best practices is 'examination of conscience' at the end of my day. That is letting my mind walk over the events of that day. I assume that it works well because I try to examine events without a special focus. And among other events. Interestingly without a preparation (protecting myself), some fresh insights do pop up. I may observe that at a certain moment I was unloving or I missed how the other persons may have felt.
I need to practice inviting other persons to tell me where I have hurt them or the community around (or sinned against them). And the only doable way is to do so repeatedly and regularly with a focus on small issues. In this way and little by little I open up more for the bigger problems.


Father God, teach me humility. Thanks for having patience with me.


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