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I.M. Fragile 17 Jan 2021

Eggs are fragile. You treat them with care. Else they break premature. Hate and love produce very different results when applied to fragile things.

Hate Versus Love

When I hate something that is already fragile, I am sure an accident is going to happen. Something will burst. When I treat the same weak thing with care and love it will survive. Fragile things do need care.

Born From An Egg

I am born out of a tiny egg. My nature is from the beginning fragile. My 'pre-born' life has been safely protected in my mothers womb. It was very vulnerable. But it survived. Although even the unborn life suffered from fears and anxiety. It lived in darkness.
Then in a painful process I was born into a life with light. Certainly it was a fragile moment in my life. I forgot the hurt. My parents began to feed and teach me. Often I got hurt ... but never cracked. That was because my parents loved me.
However in the moments that my parents got annoyed with me I was pretty vulnerable. I had little means to defend myself.


Over the years I learned to protect myself. And I lost a lot of my vulnerability. That is good and sometimes not so good. When an egg has cracks ... you begin to see what is inside. And that is pretty fragile. It is also precious. It needs to be disclosed and healed at some places.


Father God thank you for all the fragile lives around me. Help me to respect and care for all life. My own life and the life of others. Teach me how to deal with cracks and fragility.


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