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I.M. Forward 26 Jan 2021

Actually I am not familiar with the expression that a person is forward. 'Straight forward' is more familiar to me. I do know however that my (Dutch?) directness embarrasses more than a few people. It is not the language they are used to. And frequently my communication stumbles over the being too direct.


Usually the first problem is not an issue of right or wrong. I may ask questions. I may raise up relevant issues. Often the listener is not prepared to come with an answer.
Being honest, by times I am plainly wrong. Both in timing and in content of the message.


I need to understand what the person I address needs. I need to respect the process in a group. To see what is happening at this moment. And even if I could see that a few thing could go wrong, I should trust that something good is going to come forth. Persons and groups must move forward (not necessarily in my direction) and even be allowed to run into some difficulties. Stopping them is worse than letting them proceed.

Both groups and individual persons deserve and need my trust.


Father God, teach me wisdom and trust. Holy Spirit teach me to talk the language of the groups I work with. Teach me how to move forward. Thanks a lot.


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