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I.M. Forsaken 14 Jan 2021

The picture comes from Tsjernobyl in Russia. A nuclear plant polluted the wide neighbourhood, so that no-one can live safely in this place. It is forsaken.
No person deserves to be abandoned.

My Culture

It is easier said than done. When I am angry, it is easy to abandon a friend or even a brother or sister. I too spread some disaster around me. I disappoint persons. I abandon human beings.
To protect myself I can choose rules or standards which express how I should behave. Actually such standard - with as example the 10 commandments - describe what I should not do. Jesus commands me to love and to relate.


I choose to listen to people, even if they are angry with me.
When people are angry with me and they have spoken, I can ask if he or she could say it again but a bit more friendly.
I choose to be willing to listen to correction and advice.
I choose to be willing to give persons a second and third chance.
I choose to abstain from physical violence.
I choose to be honest and in love.


Father God I pray that my communities may be places with rules rooted in love and respect, so that no-one will be forsaken.

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