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I.M. Forgetful 12 Jan 2021

It is easy to forget things. Although, when someone has hurt me, it is harder to forget. Unfortunately the modern time hurts us often. And yes we can't forget the pain easily. We have already forgotten what is normal and healthy. We have adapted to the habits of the modern times.
Yes, people who are wounded tend to hurt others as well.


I am thankful for written words. The bible should help me to find direction. The bible gives many warnings as well. God says at various places that He is not pleased with my sacrifices (and I assume that includes the Roman Catholic Mass) if:
- I remember that I have a quarrel with my brother.
- I ignore the needs of widows and orphans. I know that there are plenty of lonely persons in our neighbourhood. And 40% of them are baptized Catholics.
- If I am disobedient to the will of God when I know it.


Perhaps many remember that in the condition as they are, they can not attend mass. Perhaps many mass attenders have forgotten some words of God.


Father God, where I have forgotten your words, please remind me and revive my faith. Please grant me the courage to convert. So that I may sacrifice to you.

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