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I.M. Focused 8 Jan 2021

For being successful it is important to have the right focus. Some people say, just focus on God and all your problems will be solved. Unfortunately, I believe that is a lie. At least when I expect God to solve my problems, my focus is wrong.
Despite of that ... God deserves our focus and attention. He deserves my love and care. But when I do not care for the work God has entrusted to me, then I miss the mark.

Focus on Emotions

I can say to God, 'Please solve my anger issues'. How would that work? Guess God may answer, 'Are you serious?' and added, 'I can't. I would have to rob you from your freedom.'
Thus the focus comes back to me. I am responsible. I can however seek help. Focusing requires that I admit that by times I do cause problems. I face it. Now a process of patiently learning and growing can follow.
I do need opportunities to learn and practice new behaviour. I like to participate in a caring and active community.

Active Community

If I live in a passive, sleeping community I will learn little. There is no focus at all. I need a community where a few things happen so that I can learn new skills. And where we enjoy to be a family of imperfect people. We can survive such life only when we can celebrate some successes. Where we can smile about small mistakes, forgive one another and encourage one another. That is a right focus.


Holy Spirit, my heavenly helper, please teach me to focus on life and to trust new opportunities to be a blessing for some others.


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