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I.M. Flush 7 Jan 2021

It simply means that I have abundant cash and means. I can spend whatever I like. Whatever rich I am, I am still under the Corona lock-down.


God gives us enough for every good work. Do I believe so?
Whether I believe it or not, I am not doing many good works. I do live (at least to a degree) in fear and locked-up. I am the one who limits the power of what God has entrusted to me.

Gifts of God

God promised to his baptized and loved ones gifts of the Holy Spirit. Although we believe this truth, we hold back in using those gifts. We may not even know what those gifts are. Thus we may flush away the abundant streams of living water from God in the nowhere.
I feel sad.


First of all, lack of courage and power is not new. In time of crisis many will be cowards. Some will rise up.
Secondly, the good works God calls us to do are not forbidden by laws. Perhaps in those days by Corona lockdowns. I have the 'flush' means to do good works. I have a life. And a life-light given to be placed on a lamp-stand. It should not be hidden.

Developing Gifts of the Spirit

Pray (together). Listen-discern (together). Begin to practice 'suspected'/assumed gifts. See if it works. Correct the discernment where needed. Improve using the gift(s) little by little.

God's gifts must be used for the good of the community and under the correction of the community.


Dear Creator, I ask you to bind me to other believers who desire to discover and use our 'flush' capital for the good of many. I pray for extraordinary courage in love. I need you, source of life.


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