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I.M. Flourishing 6 Jan 2021

Corona is flourishing. I have my rest. It has been a quiet year. That is my life now. There is certainly good news in it. The rest, stirs up fresh thoughts and fresh ideas. Rest is a source of life. Actually I am expecting a busy time to come. In my life the changes from slow to quick are sharply marked events. It requires choice. But often when I start to move, there is not even an option to stop. It moves and I am on the train.


- At the age of 28 I quit my job and began a masters degree study.
- At the age of 32 I entrusted my life to God. And a totally new journey started.
- At the age of 37 once again I quit my job. I moved to Ireland for a 6 months Discipleship Training School.
- At the age of 39 I worked for more than a year on a praise song book.
- At the age of 47 I joined a three month school of Worship and Intercession in New Zealand.
- At the age of 48 I got married and live for 4 years in the Philippines.

God Provided

And over all those years God also provided a reasonable income to live. How do I know? Often the work opportunities really can from the nowhere. And not by efforts which I had made myself.

Did my life Flourish?

You may vote!

Yes, I can see the hand of God on my life.
No, I am not seeing a harvest for the Kingdom of God.


Lord God, Jesus, I pray for a harvest for your kingdom. I pray for workers. I pray that those workers learn to unite under the guidance of your Holy Spirit. Make us one. Make us flourish. I thank you for the preparations you already have done.


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