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I.M. Flirtatious 4 Jan 2021

Please allow me to tell you a small story.
It is summer 2021. A beautiful sunny day. Corona is over. There she is: miss-god. Beautifully dressed and singing a song of love for me.
Would God have my attention?


'miss-god' would have my attention. Would I however see who God actually is? God is so much more than just a person who eagerly tries to attract me. It does not help me a lot if God draws my attention with an image of what He is not.

Flirtatious God

At least I would like that God is flirtatious to me. I would like that He draws me close to him. So that I can know Him. And so that it is easy to acknowledge and please Him.
It would be very strange if God had and has no attraction. And I do believe God is flirtatious. He says about himself: "I am a jealous God.". He wants to be known. I do believe that God wishes us well. And not just in nice empty words.


I am supposed to die. Christ desires to be born in me. I am called in the image of the flirtatious God: to love my neighbour. To (co-)build a welcoming community - worthy to represent the Kingdom of God - which offers a place of safety to many.


Father God, I can't do it alone. Please teach me to be flirtatious. So that your children will be attracted. And so that many can find the way to heaven and to heaven-on-earth.


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