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I.M. Flexible 3 Jan 2021

The first time someone told me that I was not flexible, I was surprised. I should have asked for more details. But I did not. As a result of this observation, I began to realize that by times I am not flexible. I stick with my own plans, ideas and opinions. And worse I am not always able to adapt to the thinking of others around. I am human and I have a personality.


How do others perceive me? I like to improve in team building. If others experience me as slow to adapt to a group activity, I need to listen. I would have a need to learn more fast ways to pick up what is happening with my friends, colleagues and people around.

Lovering my Shields

Because I am not hearing enough in groups of people I tend to be cautious. I am a bit insecure. I think I am the only one experiencing this uncertainty. And there I make a mistake. I am not the only one. Others may struggle as well. I need to dive and immerse me into the group. Time for some fun and making some faults with tuning in to the group events. So do the others. It is time for joy and a laugh instead of stepping back in fear for a small mistake.


Father God, I ask for the spirit of a child, just enjoying the world around me. In the knowledge that I have a father who cares for me. Who has send me Jesus as example and the Holy Spirit as a helper. Who provided for a safe city and trustworthy persons around. Thanks for life.


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