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I.M. Flawed 2 Jan 2021

Is there anything perfect in this world? Despite of that, there are very, very many beautiful things. I can love imperfect things.
I invite myself - this fresh year - to seek to love the not so perfect things. My little 'enemies'. The multitude of tiny annoyances in life.


Isn't it funny how a few simple words of a friend have the power to spoil my day? When I let a tiny little sparkle explode into a destroying fire, I miss the mark. I assume that the minuscule sparkle laughs loud. I have my ears shut down. I will not hear.

Face It

The truth will set you free. I need to let the sparkles talk to me before they run away and kindle a fire. I need to open my ears and welcome the words ... that have the power to make me feel miserable. My enemies.
Surprise, surprise. The things I am fearing loose their power when I listen patiently to them.


Oh God, that you may turn my sorrows into joy!


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